Magnit opened a cheese factory in one of its Magnit Extra hypermarkets in Tula, the company said in a statement. By launching its own cheese production directly in the store, the company plans to expand the range and offer customers a more attractive price for the product.

Magnit started cheese production in one of its stores

In the first stage, the cheese factory will produce 12 stalls of soft varieties (mozzarella, caciotta, ricotta, buratta, stracciatella, etc.), the production volume will be up to 1 ton per month.

In the future the range of cheeses produced will be expanded. All products will go on sale under the retailer’s own brand “M Kitchen” in the hypermarket where the cheese factory is located, as well as in the nearest Magnit stores.

The company will buy milk for its own cheese factory from farmers in the Tula region. The products will hit stores in mid-October.

The company will be able to reduce the price of cheese for the buyer by an average of 20% compared to comparable positions of industrial producers. The retailer will be able to achieve this by controlling costs and excluding logistics from the cost formation chain.


Anastasia Marina

Source: RB

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