In 2023, the Skolkovo Foundation planned to allocate more than 900 million rubles to support Russian companies implementing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. This is stated in the background message.

Skolkovo will allocate 900 million rubles to support Russian AI projects in 2023

The size of the grant for each company will be from 20 to 100 million rubles.

A year earlier, the Skolkovo Foundation allocated 1.7 billion rubles for these purposes.

Companies implementing AI technologies for digital business transformation are eligible to apply for grants. At the same time, the projects must be in the pilot stage. Another condition is that at least 50% of the project budget must be financed from extra-budgetary sources.

Companies wishing to participate in the program must have Russian tax resident status, meet the criteria in the field of AI of the Ministry of Economic Development and be profitable.

In December 2022, the Skolkovo Board of Directors approved a financial support plan for entrepreneurship, according to which 4.6 billion rubles will be allocated to support technology startups as part of a subsidy for 2023.


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Source: RB

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