How light is the iPhone 15 Pro?

Is the iPhone 15 Pro really lighter than its predecessor? Let’s see the real difference in numbers.

iPhone 15 Pro and new recycled FineWoven cases

Apple surprised with the material the new iPhone 15 Pro is made of, although there are already rumors it could be titanium. The colors in the shadows are very attractive. In addition to representing an improvement, titanium is aerospace gradethe material is attached to the screen frame creating a new edge. Titanium is also lighter, let’s see by numbers how light the iPhone 15 Pro is.

There is little difference, but in terms of numbers, the iPhone 15 Pro is lighter

A. iPhone 15 Pro is 9% lighter than its predecessor, iPhone 14 Pro. We are talking about 206 grams of the 14 Pro 187 grams of the brand new device. If we go to large dimensions, the 14 Pro Max weighed 240 grams and the iPhone 15 Pro weighed 221 grams.

iPhone 15 Pro and new titanium coating

iPhone 15 Pro and new titanium coating

By comparison, the weight of a half dollar is 19 grams and is undetectable from one day to the next until time with the device has passed. According to Apple’s marketing material, The weight difference is instantly noticeable when you pick up the device.. This is very strange, because in the iPhone 13 and 14 Pro the weight was already much higher, but in the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max the weight is almost the same as what is offered today.

If you’re wondering, the weight of the iPhone 15 is almost the same because it uses the aluminum and glass design of previous generations.

Lower weight but more thickness on iPhone 15 Pro

What a special fact in terms of dimensions. iPhone 15 Pro has a larger volume than before. Thickness is 8.25mm compared to 7.85mm of iPhone 14 Pro. Compensated by reduced width and height dimensions on iPhone 15 Pro due to thinner bezels. We can notice the latter by placing both models face to face.

Black, Grey, Silver and Blue Colors of iPhone 15 Pro

Colors of iPhone 15 Pro

The appearance of the new iPhone 15 Pro is simply perfect. Goes through machining, sanding and sandblasting processesSo making this kind of device is truly an art. The exterior is fused with an internal aluminum shell. The final colors are black, grey, silver and blue. The purple color has been canceled entirely, and the Product RED version that was rumored a few months ago has not appeared.

Then, if all goes well with sales and popularity, Let’s not ignore that Apple will release a new color next year. Recall that the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro are coming in green in spring 2022.

Considering the obvious change in material, Apple may soon show some titanium coating-related content on its YouTube channel, just like it did when it introduced the piano black finish (Jet Black) of the iPhone 7 Plus, remember?

Source: i Padizate

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