Used by Tolyatinsk State University, they were nano parts and magnets can be used to use batteries, such as batteries. And some of them are in 2-3 races, such as lithium-ion traditions. And they are presented in electronic devices.

Do not use magnet-based batteries until they have been pre-charged. energy, up to 7 times covering the performance of batteries with microparticles.

Also, the TSU used the dimensions and volumes of a magnesium battery, which takes several times longer to break through than lithium-ion batteries; the high capacity of cells with magnesium levels out their main drawback in the form of slow charging.

Promising magnetic batteries have appeared in Russia

The most famous universe of Tolyatinsky should not necessarily be called a change in the prototype of a magnesium battery and its calculations, not only do they give you experience, they say that this development has very great potential and in the future there will be no need to use Li-Ion batteries, but also to support them. alternative.

Source: Tech Cult

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