The Star Wars 2022 celebrations kicked off and a wave of announcements followed immediately. One of the most important is revelation from Star Wars: Skeleton Teamoriginal series for Disney Plus starring Jude Law, produced by Jon Watts, director spiderman

Star Wars: Skeleton Team premiere will take place in Disney Plus in 2023, although not much has been revealed about the plot or the actors who will accompany Jude Law. What was announced was an all-star cast that includes Jon Watts in charge of the trilogy spiderman with Tom Holland and Chris Ford, its star writer.

Star Wars: Skeleton Team there will be a top notch cast

The new Star Wars series will be produced by Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni. showrunners from The Mandalorian and its third season. Star Wars: Skeleton Team is a part Ambitious Disney strategy use the universe created by George Lucas.

After announcing several original series and movies during Investor Day in late 2020, Disney did not provide further details. The COVID-19 pandemic is under control in some countries, production of various projects begins to take shape. Likewise, face-to-face events like the Star Wars celebrations are returning to scrum and positioned as the perfect showcase for announcements.

the date high on Disney Plus now and save with an annual subscriptionwith which you can enjoy its entire catalog of series and films, access to the latest releasesto catalog Star and the best National Geographic documentaries.

It could be months before we know the details. Star Wars: Skeleton Team. The original series by Jon Watts and Jude Law belongs to the Disney Plus heavyweight category. A step that shares with the film Rogue Squadrondirected by Patty Jenkins, or films by Taika Waititi and Kevin Feige.

As for the latter, Disney kept a deathly silence, although this may be due to the complexity of the agenda. It was recently reported that Rogue Squadron it was indefinitely delayed due to commitments by Patty Jenkins. Some internal sources cited that the reason for this decision was that the director amazing woman there were creative differences with Disney.

While there is no official confirmation, although both reasons sound plausible. While Patty Jenkins will direct Wonder Woman 3 and it will affect the agenda, creative differences are the bread and butter of Disney and the proof of this is the number of directors who have flaunted projects star Wars.

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