Yandex has made the source code of the AppMetrica analytical service available to the public. With its help, you can collect statistics on traffic, audience and usage scenarios. Developers will be able to use code snippets in their projects.

Yandex has made the source code of the analytical service AppMetrica available to the public

Yandex has published the source code of the analytics service for collecting traffic and audience statistics AppMetrica. It is available on GitHub.

Developers will be able to audit the service, suggest improvements, and also use code snippets in their projects with attribution. The code is distributed under the MIT Open License.

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AppMetrica is one of the top five international analytics systems in terms of number of installations and processes more than 60 thousand applications daily.

Previously, Yandex made available to the public the source codes of the YBD UBD system, the YTsaurus platform for working with Big Data, the user framework and the Metrica website evaluation tool.


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