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Chapter Five Ahsoka Fans of the saga were looking forward to this. Especially after the end of the previous episode, in which the main character was reunited with Anakin Skywalker, his teacher. Given this outcome, it was foreseeable that the new part of the series would have very emotional moments. And so it was, paying tribute to the fans Star Wars: The Clone Warspopular cartoon series.

In a world between worlds, Anakin tells Ahsoka who came to her to complete his studies. “What lesson, Master?” she asks. “Live or die,” he replies, activating his lightsaber. After a short quarrel between them, Anakin breaks the corridor of light they are in and Ahsoka falls into the void. When he wakes up, he discovers that the fans star Wars They have been asking for many years. The main character is now a girl caught in the heat of battle of the Clone Wars.

First memory

Finally, this conflict that has been explored so well throughout the series’ seven seasons Clone Warscan be seen in live action. Small Ahsoka He soon discovers that this was the first mission he completed. Anakin, which is also present in the armor and appearance of that period. Together, accompanied by a large squad of clones, Master and Padawan run forward, deflecting Separatist fire with their lightsabers.

When everything calms down, what will you see Ahsoka several dead or severely wounded clone troopers. And she can’t do anything but feel guilty because she was the one who instigated that particular fight. That’s when Anakin He begins to give him the first part of the lesson. “When Obi-Wan He taught me, we were the guardians of the world. But now, to win the war, I must teach you to be a soldier,” he tells him, as a sign that they must adapt to the current times. She is still convinced that she caused such horror. “I am teaching you how to lead. Survive. And to get it, you have to fight,” he then insists. Sky Walker.

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Second memory

With these words, and as he headed towards the horizon, merging with his silhouette Darth Vader, Anakin And Ahsoka They move on to a second flashback, also from Clone Wars. In this case, the mission is very clear. A Ahsoka something more ancient is fighting on Mandalore against the Mandalorian super commandos Darth Maul. This is a fragment of the seventh and final season of the animated series. Ahsoka He was accompanied by a detachment of the 501st Legion under the command Captain Rex.

Anakin, however, did not participate in this mission. “I don’t remember this battle,” he tells his Padawan. “This is the Siege of Mandalore. We already broke up,” he replies. Ahsoka. After this brief explanation comes the second part of the lesson. “Ahsoka, inside you is all that I am. All my knowledge. The same one that I inherited from my teacher, and he from his. You are part of the legacy,” he explains. Sky Walker. But, again, the young woman does not agree.

Ahsoka flashback 2

“What I contribute to the legacy is only death and destruction,” he laments. “But you are more than that, because I am too,” the character tries to cheer her up. Hayden Christensen. “Yes, you are more Anakin. “More powerful and dangerous than anyone could have imagined,” she accuses him. Ahsoka referring, of course, to the corruption of his master, who allowed himself to be deceived by the Dark Side and became ruthless Darth Vader. Ahsoka He always felt very guilty for quitting Anakin and let it happen. After the words of the little girl, the Jedi Knight regains his gloomy character. Vaderwith the characteristic yellow eyes of the Sith, and draws his red lightsaber.

“I’m giving you a choice. Live or die,” he repeats. In the middle of the battle, both return to the World between Worlds and there, Anakin sentences his student. “Time to die,” he shouts. But, with the great movement, Ahsoka He manages to get away from him and wins the fight by plunging his master’s saber into his neck. For a brief moment, she is overcome by darkness, and it seems that this will end her life. But at the last moment he returns to the light, turns off the lightsaber, throws it away and says: “I choose to live.” With these words Anakin He becomes the smiling teacher again from the beginning and ends the lesson by disappearing and causing Ahsoka come back to reality.

Anakin’s Lesson to Ahsoka

Final goal Anakin It was Ahsoka He faced the ghosts of his past. After becoming his teacher Darth Vader and spread terror throughout the galaxy, she always felt a huge weight on her shoulders. He considered himself responsible, he thought that after her there would only be death and pain. This is why she couldn’t become a good Jedi Master Sabina. Ahsoka He did not dare to fight, to live.

With two memories Anakin This shows her that the death and chaos that haunted her while they haunted him does not define her. His legacy extends much further. And, moreover, it shows her that she is not responsible for his fall from grace. This is a purely philosophical lesson that makes Ahsoka Return to life with a completely different, much brighter mentality. Like Gandalf V Lord of the Ringsillustrates this return by wearing a white tunic, as opposed to the gray poncho at the beginning of the series.

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