Qiwi Uzbekistan suspended international transfers, including to Russian cards and service wallets, at the request of the local Central Bank. The payments company sent a request to the Republican regulator several weeks ago, but never received a response.

Qiwi Uzbekistan suspended international transfers

Qiwi Uzbekistan was quick to assure that customers’ money in their wallets is safe and that the company itself is doing everything possible to return it to them. For this, an official clarification from the Central Bank of Uzbekistan on the refund procedure is needed; Otherwise, the company risks violating local legislation.

In early September, Uzbek payment services Oson and PayWay suspended all international transfers and payments. The companies explain the decision at the request of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan. The regulator then stated that the republic does not impose restrictions on international transfers and payments, including payments for foreign online services. For this, the regulator proposed using commercial banks.


Karina Pardaeva

Source: RB

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