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For many travelers the charm first class air travel this is undeniable. Extra legroom, gourmet cuisine and personalized service create an unforgettable economy class experience. However, the cost of upgrading to first class can often be a deterrent. But what if we told you that there are inexpensive options for flying first class? A recent study from Upgraded Points sheds light on the best airlines for first class flights on a budget within the United States.


Upgraded Points conducted extensive research analyzing first class price fluctuations on four of the largest U.S. airlines and twelve of the busiest domestic routes. The study carefully collected data on ticket prices from Google Flightsfocusing on the 12 busiest domestic flight routes in the United States.

Peak and off-peak release dates were included to ensure a complete picture of price trends. Costs were then averaged to determine one-way ticket prices for both economy and first class seats. It is important to note that the study excluded US airlines that do not offer first class service or do not have sufficient data on the routes analyzed.

Delta Air Lines First Class

Delta Air Lines emerged as the top pick in the study, but with a caveat: It charges the highest premiums for first-class tickets. Passengers choosing first class can expect to pay $284.55 more for a one-way ticket compared to economy class. Despite the premium prices, Delta Air Lines recently upped its game by introducing new first class seats with privacy dividers, adjustable neck pillows and extra storage space, making it a competitive option for those willing to spend.

Alaska Airlines First Class

Alaska Airlines stands out not only for its high price difference for first class tickets ($281.25), but also for its unique amenities. The airline goes even further by offering food in first class cabins on flights as short as 550 miles. This service for shorter flights sets Alaska Airlines apart from most other legacy airlines, which typically reserve in-flight meals for trips over 900 miles.

United Airlines First Class

United First Class offers a more affordable option for travelers who want first-class comfort without breaking the bank. With a price difference between economy and first class of approximately $250.23, United Airlines offers an attractive opportunity to enjoy a high-flying experience.

American Airlines First Class: Most Affordable Deal

Among the airlines examined, American Airlines First Class is the clear winner in terms of travel affordability. Passengers can expect to pay just $235.85 more for a one-way first class ticket compared to economy class. This makes American Airlines an attractive option for those looking for premium service without the high price tag.

Average premium for first class

On average, passengers traveling within the United States can expect to pay an additional $262.97 per flight (one way) or more than $525 (round trip) when choosing a first class ticket. This figure underscores the appeal of low-cost options like those offered by American Airlines and United Airlines.


While the return of luxury can be expensive, there are notable exceptions for travelers seeking a first-class vacation on a budget in the United States. Delta Air Lines, despite its premium prices, offers advanced services, making it a better option for those willing to spend. Alaska Airlines’ unique dining options and United Airlines’ low fares are also worth checking out. However, the title of most affordable offering goes to American Airlines, which provides premium service without a significant difference in price.

Ultimately, choosing the best airline for you will depend on your priorities and budget. Whether you prioritize luxury or affordability, this Upgraded Points study offers valuable information to help you make an informed decision and ensure your first-class travel is comfortable and economical.

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