Scientists at Samara Polytechnic University have prepared a technology for the production of heat-resistant concrete, which uses waste from metallurgical production. This method can be used to determine engine power, and will also improve the environment in industrial plants and individual locations.

As a result, fire-resistant concrete and various structures in the metallurgy and chemical industries are released on the construction site, as well as power in objects, for example, temperatures below 1500°C, which prevents demands on the material.

Of course, such concretes are also used, but also, which is very important, instant confirmation is added, on which the strength of the concrete depends. In their research at SMTU they decided to use lumocalcium sludge as this hardener, successively oxide formations with aluminum.

First of all, chemical analysis of amniotic acid was not used. The Samara metallurgical production showed that it contains 28% calcium oxide and 20% aluminum, which most importantly does not allow the map to be presented in the video to the wild nature.

New carbon concrete was used in RussiaPhoto: Press service of SamSTU

In addition, it is clarified that SamSTU specialists in determining optics identified the poor characteristics of the product from its characteristics.

This work can be effectively used to open passages, rather than taking them to landfills for subsequent disposal. It is also important to know that the regions are divided into 100,000 in order to highlight the environmental situation in enterprises and cities adjacent to industrial ones. zones.

Source: Tech Cult

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