Gone are the days when the computer was the main entertainment center at home. Today it is being replaced with money by a TV, because you can watch TV on it, play games, control a smart home, listen to the radio, and even communicate with digital assistants by voice.

The choice of smart TVs is huge, so here are the main criteria for such an ideal “TV”:

● so that the distance is not less than 55 inches.
● so that the saved Android remains, without any “shells”
● to load and work quickly, without lags
● so that the sound is decent without additional speakers
● so that the image is rich and smooth

So I opted for a TV from KIVI. This is a brand headquartered in Budapest that specializes in producing thin TVs. The line includes devices with different diagonals, which is related to quality and technology.chips“I didn’t go to more expensive competitors at all, and below I’ll tell you more about the specific 55″ UHD TV KIVI 55U750NB Smart TV Black that I had the chance to test.

Appearance and parameters

Please note that the frames are practically unimportant.

The 55″ UHD TV KIVI 55U750NB looks decent. Moreover, if you look from the side, the impression remains the same: a frame, no flashy logos, just a large screen and neat, thin legs.

Yes, the back wall is thick, but overall the device is impressive ultra-thin TV.

The frame width is only 2.6 mm.

The bottom edge is a little thicker, but the device still looks premium. I was immediately attracted by the laconic inscription “sound by JVC” on the light bulb, hinting at high-quality sound. The total power of the built-in audio system is 12 watt.

Speakers manually calibrated for each TV model, JVC Kenwood engineers added SRC audio processing processes with reduced Dolby audio processing (DAP).

UHD screen 55 inches diagonal (or 139.7 cm) shows a 4K picture with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels and 60 Hz refresh stability. Contrast – 7500:1, signal duration 6.5 ms.

Support MEMC picture stroking (Motion estimation and motion compensation), which allows you to achieve 100, 200 or even 600 Hz by hardware overlaying additional frames between images or adding a black background between two images.

In simple words, the picture remains smooth in the most dynamic scenes. In a save with HDR support, even ordinary news will look like it was well filmed blockbuster.

On the back, as expected, there are ports: in front, USB and HDMI (eARC), as well as a 3.5 mm input for connecting headphones. The remaining connectors are located at the bottom – three more HDMI, one USB, mini AV, optical output and Ethernet.

You can connect your TV to your home network either in the usual way via Wi-Fi or using a cable.


The weight of KIVI 55U750NB is 12.8 kg. The kit includes metal legs for installation on any flat surface.

It is also possible to mount the TV on the wall using a universal VESA bracket.

The complete remote control was created in collaboration with the Korean brand Remote Solution. Connects to TV via Bluetooth 5.1.

The white plastic body fits comfortably in the hand, the buttons are pressed with a clear click, which is very pleasant.

The arrow button activates the air mouse mode. Simply hold the remote control upright and the light moves on the screen. Convenient to surf the Internet.

The remote has a built-in microphone that will call the Google Assistant if necessary. There are also buttons for quick access to online platforms.

In general, the dimensions of the KIVI 55U750NB TV are 1230x65x710 mm without legs and 1229x260x770 mm with legs. I repeat, the external device produces only pleasant impressions.

Filling and setup


When you turn it on for the first time, the user is greeted with the Android TV logo. I was pleased that there are no additional decorations, only an honest version of Android for TVs 11.

This version of Android TV has improved performance and stability. Indeed, the KIVI 55U750NB turns on and boots quickly, switching between applications and menus is effortless. No need to wait for several seconds while looking at the unparalleled animated loading circle.

In addition to a bunch of applications from the most popular movie services, the TV has a full-fledged Google Play built-in, which means you can download any games and programs from the collection of this store. In addition, KIVI 55U750NB supports the installation of the APK component, which gives unlimited possibilities and opens the way to the world. content with the whole world.

There is also support for slot machines. You can connect joycons from Nintendo Switch, accessories from PlayStation or Xbox to the TV, and you can even use a Steam controller. Download some Asphalt 9, connect your favorite joystick and play without consoles or a computer. Bliss.

What hardware features does the KIVI 55U750NB have?

In addition to the MEMC image smoothing technology mentioned above, the TV may have other features:

👉 4K upscaling support Allows you to automatically convert or enhance an image in 4K format right for the summer.

👉 Using Super Contrast Control The TV can automatically adjust the contrast of individual areas of the screen. This particular technology comes in handy in dark scenes.

👉 UltraClear Allows you to remove “pixelation” and dips in color, making the picture more detailed.

👉 Automatic Low Latency Mode recognizes the connection of a game console and automatically switches the TV to gaming mode with low input latency. If you have a PlayStation 5, be sure to check it out.

All these technologies really work and you quickly get used to the high-quality, rich picture.

Impressions and conclusions. Where can I buy


In the case of the 55″ UHD KIVI 55U750NB, I stubbornly looked for flaws in order to honestly talk about them, but I never found them.

The picture in movies and games does not ripple or float. The illumination of the matrix is ​​uniform, without spots or artifacts. Color rendering level: human skin natural color, white color does not yellow or bluish, acceptable looks. Moreover, from an angle the picture does not change color, it just becomes more faded.

This TV captivated me with its speed of operation, lack of lags, omnivorousness (Plays almost any music video and audio file), ease of setup and wide possibilities for image enhancement. There is no need to delve into the software and try to customize the picture to suit you, because everything happens automatically and without your participation.

The most important thing: a 55″ UHD TV KIVI 55U750NB Smart TV Black today costs around 48,000 rubles.

For this money you get an excellent TV with modern technologies and pure Android. It doesn’t matter whether you watch TV, use the TV as a monitor, or simply connect it to a USB hard drive with a collection of your favorite movies. The picture and sound of the 55″ UHD TV KIVI 55U750NB Smart TV Black will pleasantly surprise you in any case.

Source: Iphones RU

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