Use wireless CarPlay in your car with this little accessory on sale

With this small and affordable accessory, your car will be compatible with wireless CarPlay and connect to your iPhone without cables.

Make your car compatible with wireless CarPlay for a fraction of the cost

Someone The best feature of CarPlay is that it works wirelesslyThis means that our iPhone SE can be connected to our car without having to take it out of our pocket. However, many cars without wireless CarPlay feature force users to connect the iPhone via cable.

However, there are solutions on the market to use CarPlay wirelessly in a non-compatible car, as well as to install CarPlay in an older car that does not have these functions. For just over 50 euros, you can turn your car without wireless CarPlay into one that allows you to connect your iPhone wirelessly, thanks to a CarPlay app. small device.

CarlinKit 4.0

Carlinkit 4.0 wireless adapter Converts wired CarPlay to wireless and also supports wireless Android Auto. And best of all, you don’t need to install anything; Just plug the device into the USB connection you usually connect the iPhone to, and that’s it.

CarlinKit 4.0

CarlinKit 4.0 makes your car compatible with wireless CarPlay

The brand announced this Compatible with most Volkswagen brands, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Honda Civic CR-V, Peugeot Chevrolet, Ford SYNC 3.4, Mazda, KIA, Skoda, GMC, RAM, Toyota, Land Rover or Subaru. However, it is not compatible with Volvo, BMW and Polestar.

Its regular price is usually closer to 100 euros, but right now it can be yours for just 57.32 euros. 40% discount. Not bad at all for a device that can save us a lot of time and offer us a lot of comfort every day. Your iPhone SE will automatically connect to your car via CarPlay without needing to use cables.

CarlinKit 4.0

Note that you need to log in your iPhone the first time for everything to work. Settings > General > CarPlayclick Available cars and choose your car. Now CarPlay will work wirelessly every time you get in and start the car.

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