Japanese cosmopolitan agent JAXA has released the next Smart Landing Module for Exploration Moon (SLIM) zone. We also support this special device for harnessing the earth’s energy. Based on providing work for children.

Lunar Excursion Vehicle-2 (LEV-2) launches. It’s not a full moon – he has a score, test results from other jobs. Because one of the most interesting things in the world is a successful landing on the moon. This obscures the validity of long-term studies and projects.

LEV-2 ran on the TOMY truck and is used by DOSH UNIVERSITY. The actual electronic components were created by Sony engineers. On the surface of the sphere it should be divided into two hemispheres. Such a robot is rebuilt, animated, and its only “legs” are in the tool.

The main advantage of LEV-2 is that it does not need to be removed, plus this time there are no simple and cheap toys. The most important work is assembling a 250 gram weight in 2 cases, practically. In this series there are no mechanisms for unloading other worlds. Also, cell blanks are used on the buds for the purpose of producing baby cells. robotics.

Source: Tech Cult

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