The study showed that Wildberries overestimates the number of active sellers on the site. Thus, according to the market’s own data, in July 2022 there were 840 thousand sellers of this type, and according to external analysts, only 192 thousand.

Wild berries exaggerate data on number of active sellers: study

Wildberries significantly overestimated the data on the number of active sellers on the site, that is, those who have 30 or more sales per month. This is stated in a study carried out by MPGO, Shopstat and Modulbank.

According to Data Insight, which is based on information from the market itself, in July 2022, 840,000 sellers were trading Wildberries.

Photo: Data Insgiht report on the number of active sellers in makerspaces in 2022

According to a study carried out by external analysts, the number of sellers of this type is several times smaller: in August 2023 there were only 192 thousand.

The Wildberries press service noted that, as of July 2022, the number of registered sellers was 840,000.

“Of course, the number of assets is smaller,” they state in the press service.

The data from the Ozon study is approximately similar to the information from the market itself.

The study also presents data on the proportion of sellers in various categories by on-site turnover.

“For various reasons, beginners find it more difficult to develop with Wildberries. The number of sellers with up to 100 sales per month has remained at approximately the same level for almost a year. At the same time, sellers with a turnover of more than 15 million per month are actively growing. Therefore, the growth of the WB’s turnover largely depends on the largest sellers,” said Alexey Sergeev, director of Shopstat.

“At Ozon, the situation is the opposite: great attention to the incorporation of new sellers results in its constant growth. While large sellers, both in terms of quantity and average turnover, remain approximately at the same level throughout the year,” Sergeyev added.

The thesis that on the market you can “become a millionaire” in two months with an investment of 10,000 rubles does not correspond to reality, stressed the commercial director of the MPGO, Timur Sabirov. Only 2.5% of sellers earn more than 5 million rubles a month on the markets, he concluded.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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