Some users had an unpleasant experience of losing their account. What’s up? by not being careful and sharing the verification code sent when installing the application on a new terminal. And the problem with that is that there is no going back. It looks like the company wants to root out this problem… and that’s great news.

It is true that this problem does not affect you if you have enabled verification in two steps, but not exactly the majority of those who have this tool enabled on their terminals. Therefore, it makes sense for WhatsApp to work on itself. improve your protection system when the application is installed on a new terminal and a secure transition is requested. And, apparently, he found it, and with success everything must be said.

What is WhatsApp preparing?

What is being tested is a second confirmation message This includes an account of the messaging app and a code that will have to be entered to change the active terminal change. In this way, third parties’ requests for more than one information will not take a step, and even if the company decides to put a warning message, things will improve in terms of security.

Second verification notification on WhatsApp


Shipment will be made by SMS as it is now, therefore, anyone whose terminal with WhatsApp is fully functional will be the one who knows the data, and everything indicates that the countdown must be waited for the information to be entered, so that the system should deliver the maximum value. guarantees. The truth is, it’s a great idea and could help a lot of people avoid a major problem due to not being careful enough. It is already known: failure is an oversight, two…

Important and necessary progress

Because unlike what happens in WhatsApp with other apps, no additional notification is generated where the user is notified that a new device is trying to access the account (something that prevents multiple people from losing their account), it’s not a bad idea to enter this second step with a verification code so the top tip is completely safe.

Currently, this innovation is being tested internally, but it is certain that real testing will begin shortly, and it won’t be long before it rolls out to all users, how important it is. Also, there will be a tool enabled by default, so the user will not decide whether it is used or not. Everything looks great, really.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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