Danone’s division in Russia, which was previously renamed Health&Nutrition, began using a new logo. It is presented on the company’s official website, the logo has not yet been modified on social networks.

Danone’s Russian division began using a new logo

The H&N (Health and Nutrition) company, which was previously a division of the French Danone in Russia, has changed its logo. It is presented on the official website of the company. On the social networks of the former Danone Russia, the logo remains the same.

In the search results for the query “Danone Russia”, the first result is the official H&N website, but it is still known as Danone Russia, and the danone.ru site redirects to hnrus.com.

In July, Danone’s foreign holding was transferred to the temporary leadership of the Federal Property Management Agency. On July 19, Yakub Zakriev, Chechnya’s Minister of Agriculture, was appointed head of Danone Russia.

Previously, Danone decided to localize the international brand Activia for the Russian market. Activia yogurts will be sold in Russia under the Aktibio brand.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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