There is no doubt that WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging programs today, especially in Brazil. With such a large user base, the application receives many updates from time to time with new fixes and feature additions. However, these updates are not always appreciated by the community.

In the following lines, we will list some updates that the messenger has made, which were highly criticized by many users, at least initially.

What were the worst WhatsApp updates?

Situation 1

WhatsApp statuses are a practical way to share updates with your contacts using photos or short videos. It was widely used among the public, but things weren’t always that way.

The system, which was introduced in 2017, faced criticism as soon as it was published. This is because the public saw functionality as useless and another copy of what already exists on Instagram and Snapchat.

Another point that was harshly criticized by users was that, in addition to not allowing text messages to be published initially, the Status tab took the space reserved for contacts.

2. Color change

Believe it or not: a small change in the color of WhatsApp for Android last year was enough to start many discussions on the network. Ultimately, many people did not like the light green tone and balloon-shaped buttons in the application.

Once again, it was only a matter of time before users became more accepting of this change. It’s something that’s pretty common with smaller, more aesthetic updates to popular apps.

3. Channel recommendations

This is a very recent update, but it’s still creating something to talk about among messaging users. WhatsApp channels, seen as public chats for spreading news, have been criticized by the community, who see it as a copy of a resource that already exists on Instagram.

Another point that was not well received by users was that this function could cause the messenger to become a social network, which would definitely defeat the purpose of the application.

4. Unwanted Zoom

Believe me: there was a time when using the camera in WhatsApp was a real headache.

In June 2021, WhatsApp received another update that caused more disruption for the community: when opening the app’s camera in a chat or even trying to update Statuses, it became closer than intended, greatly annoying anyone who tried it. feature.

A noteworthy point is that This fact reached the messenger as an error, and he later corrected it. But since it still has some sort of relevance to the update, we’ve included it here.

5. Archived conversation notifications

Another controversial update emerged in July last year when the app stopped reporting messages in archived conversations.

Of course, it caused discomfort at first. Especially for people who have a habit of archiving old messages, whether group or individual conversations, to keep the main area of ​​the app cleaner.

6. New privacy policy

Many people unknowingly started sharing their WhatsApp usage data with Meta.

If we go back in time a little, most people will surely remember the time when WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook (before it changed its name to Meta). For this reason, a review of the application was carried out at the beginning of 2021, more precisely on February 8. Change in privacy policy to allow data sharing.

After this change, users automatically started sharing information such as phone numbers, IP addresses, and even activities carried out in the application with other Meta services, which certainly did not reassure people.

7. Horizontal bar

Let’s close out our list with a slightly more recent update that includes the addition of a horizontal navigation bar to the bottom area of ​​the app interface.

In addition to the initial issue that caused the app to suddenly auto-close (but has since been fixed), many users initially started complaining that this update blocked navigation between tabs, forcing them to tap on every tab. options to select the Status and Calls fields, for example. But this no longer happens.

So what were the worst messenger updates for you? Have you caught any of what we mentioned here? Share your opinion with other readers TecMundo We use our social networks.

Source: Tec Mundo

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