In the first half of 2023, Russians spent 63% more traffic on mobile games than in the same period last year. Top preferences include Roblox, PUBG: Battlegrounds, and Mobile Legends. This is stated in a study by Yota, the results of which were reviewed by RB.RU.

Russians started spending 63% more traffic on mobile games: study

Among Zoom players (ages 16-25), there are 2.5 times more boys than girls. For users over 25, the difference is much smaller: the male gaming audience here is only 11% larger than the female one.

The most popular smartphone for mobile gaming was the Apple iPhone 11, followed by Xiaomi Redmi 9A and Redmi 9C, Samsung Galaxy A12, and Xiaomi POCO X3 Pro.

  • Russians have spent 135 billion rubles on games and purchases within them since the beginning of 2023; around 20% of this amount came from intermediaries. By the end of the year, the amount of money spent on the purchase of games could reach 167 billion rubles.


Karina Pardaeva

Source: RB

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