Sometimes it’s very interesting to look back to know the evolution of companies and view is no exception. An example is the epidemic rejecting large-screen smartphones. And even they were not to Steve Jobs’ taste. pen (You have to get them, save them, and they disappear. Ah, came back to say it in 2007). And now the Cupertino company has its own product range, which is just emerging and has recently been close to increasing in number.

According to the information that has emerged recently, the company that owns the bitten apple was about to launch a new model that was intended to be a solution to these users. iPhone phones large screens that want to use a pen. And in this way, what that implies is being able to write freely with comfort. The chosen moment was the event of the event. last September, where their new smartphones are presented. Come on, do nothing.

Apple’s pencil even had a name

So far, there has been a development where the company gave the accessory a name: Apple Marker. The truth is that no matter how much Steve Jobs rejected such products (and some that were eventually released by the brand) at the time, this fits perfectly with the way the company works. One of the things that sets this Pen apart from the Pens on the market is its price: just 49 dollars. So, it’s pretty low, which will make it accessible to a large number of iPhone users.

White Apple Pencil


On the other hand, the model we are talking about is specified in the source of the information. there would be no pressure sensingit would be unnecessary for phones where the usage will be more for dialing than drawing (for example). And this is would have avoided that I have to trust in something great drum in it to work with all the options. If he hadn’t been able to do that, he would have used a small chip-shaped feeder, which would have made it look very similar… Yes, Samsung’s S Pen! It is inevitable that this accessory will happen to you, everything must be said.

Some known details

Not knowing the reasons why Apple won’t finally offer the accessory it will have up to one million produced no use at the moment, it may all be due to patent issues. The truth is, the firm seems to see room for iPhone (even the smallest iPad) to have a stylus.

There is no information about the design, but round shapes will certainly be available. And the truth is still we must not lose hope For Apple to release this product with any changes you need to make. Of course, multiple users with iPhones will buy Marker to make heavy use of the smartphone more bearable. Are you one of them?

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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