Smart TVs have become popular among those who value technology and practicality in everyday life. Equipped with built-in Wi-Fi tool allows you to easily access streaming services, various applications and online contentbut without unsubscribing.

And if you are thinking of investing in Smart TV, KaBuM! There are big discounts on brands such as Samsung, Philco, LG and TLC. Besides the variety of brands you will also find: Options from 32 inch TV to 70 inch TV!

Then take advantage of this advantage and check out some of the models offered as part of the promotion below!

  • AOC Roku 32″ HD LED Smart TV, 32S5135 – from R$ 1,052.62 to R$ 969.00
  • LG 32″ HDR ThinQ AI Smart TV, 32LQ620 – from R$ 1,473.67 to R$ 1,149.99
  • Philips Smart TV 32″ HD, 32PHG6918 – from R$ 1,473.67 to R$ 1,149.99
  • Samsung 32″ LED Smart TV, UN32T4300AGXZD – from R$ 1,249.99 to R$ 1,179.99
  • TCL Smart TV 43 inch LED 4K UHD, 43P635 – from R$ 1,893.68 to R$ 1,649.99
  • Smart TV 43 Inch Samsung UHD 4K, UN43CU7700GXZD – from R$ 2,499.99 to R$ 1,999.99
  • Smart TV LG 48 inch 4K OLED evo, OLED48C3PSA – from R$ 6,315.78 to R$ 5,399.99
  • Smart TV 50″ Samsung Gaming Neo QLED 4K, QN50QN90CAGXZD – from R$ 4,842.09 to R$ 3,879.00
  • Smart TV 50″ Samsung UHD 4K, UN50CU7700GXZD – from R$ 2,699.99 to R$ 2,249.99
  • TCL 50 inch LED 4K UHD Smart TV, 50P635 – from R$ 2,631.57 to R$ 1,989.99
  • Smart TV 55″ Samsung Crystal UHD 4K, UN55CU8000GXZD – from R$ 3,973.94 to R$ 2,549.99
  • Smart TV 65″ LG 4K UHD, 65UR8750PS – from R$ 3,999.99 to R$ 3,399.99
  • Smart TV 65″ Samsung Crystal UHD 4K, UN65CU8000GXZD – from R$ 3,999.99 to 3,399.99
  • Smart TV 70″ Samsung Crystal UHD 4K, UN70CU8000GXZD – from R$ 4,999.99 to R$ 4,299.99

Offers are for a limited time, so don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your experience with a quality Smart TV!

Source: Tec Mundo

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