According to French, you should focus not on the duration of sex, but on the quality of penetration and whether the partners are comfortable: 10 minutes of sex can be more enjoyable than half an hour.

Regarding the duration of sex, the expert noted that it is not clear “when to turn on the metaphorical timer” (whether at the moment of penetration or from the beginning of foreplay). After all, sexual intimacy is not mechanical friction. For full-fledged intercourse, a woman needs 20-40 minutes to be fully aroused: during this time, blood flows to the genitals, and the genitals begin to react accordingly to intimacy.

The sexologist concluded that you should consider different ways to pleasure partners rather than duration and consult professionals in case of problems.

“If you’re feeling uncomfortable when it comes to sex, it’s always best to see a professional. But if your only concern is how long this process should or shouldn’t take, then take it as a sign of relief, let it go and enjoy the process, whether it takes 10 minutes or 100 minutes,” French said.

Source: Ferra

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