Action Figures and Funkos Pop! as a way to show your love for the characters! They are ideal for displaying, collecting and recreating scenes of your favorite characters We take great pride and appreciation for movies, games, anime and TV series.

However, one of the issues that fans frequently complain about is the high prices of collectible items. Knowing this, Tecmundo selected several Action figures available on AmazonWith discounts up to 57%!

So, if you want to increase your collection without having to spend too much, take the opportunity to check out the collections below: Star Wars, Avengers, Jujutsu Kaisen, One Piece, Demon Slayer and many more that represent quality and realism Capable of satisfying even the most demanding fans!

Star wars

  • Action Figure Chewbacca, The Black Series Archive – Hasbro 43% off
  • Action Figure Han Solo, The Black Series Archive – Hasbro 38% off
  • Action Figure Princess Leia, The Black Series – Hasbro 34% off
  • Action Figure Luke Skywalker and Ysalamiri, The Black Series – Hasbro 23% off
  • Action Figure Stormtrooper, The Black Series – Hasbro 7% off
  • Action Figure Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Black Series – Hasbro 12% off
  • Action Figure Emperor Palpatine, The Black Series Archive – Hasbro 10% off
  • Action Figure The Mandalorian and Grogu interactive with 53% discount
  • Action Figure Luke Skywalker with accessories – Hasbro 24% off
  • Action Figure Darth Vader, The Black Series – Hasbro 33% off
  • Action Figure Boba Fett, The Black Series – Hasbro 40% off
  • Action Figure ARC Trooper Jesse, The Vintage Collection – Hasbro 45% off
  • Interactive Darth Vader Action Figure 26% off

A piece


  • Action Figure Black Panther, Avengers Titan Hero – Hasbro 26% off
  • Action Figure Loki – Marvel with 47% discount
  • Action Figure Iron Man, Avengers Titan Hero – Hasbro with 17% discount
  • Action Figure Groot, Avengers Endgame – Marvel with 17% discount
  • Action Figure Ant-Man, Quantumania – Hasbro with 14% discount
  • Action Figure Black Panther, Legacy Series – Hasbro 13% off
  • Action Figure Captain America, Avengers Endgame – Marvel with 27% discount
  • Action Figure Spider-Gwen, Titan Hero Series – 19% off Marvel
  • Action Figure Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Ham, Legends Series – Hasbro 21% off
  • Action Figure Groot, Legends Series – Hasbro 30% off
  • Action Figure Mantis, Legends Series – Hasbro 10% off
  • Action Figure Drax, Legends Series – Hasbro 27% off
  • Action Figure Nebula, Legends Series – Hasbro 10% off
  • Scarlet Witch Action Figure, Legends Series – Hasbro 6% discount
  • Action Figure Marvel’s K and Venom, Spider-Man 60th Anniversary 10% off
  • Action Figure Namor, Legends Series – Hasbro 57% off
  • Moon Knight Action Figure, Legends Series – Hasbro 14% off

Jujutsu Kaisen

demon hunter


Offers are for a limited time and prices may change at any time.

Source: Tec Mundo

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