The Subway fast food restaurant chain has hired consultants to explore the possibility of selling the business. It is reported by The Wall Street Journal, citing sources. Reuters is also aware of the company’s plans.

Subway began exploring the possibility of selling the business at a $10 billion valuation – WSJ

According to the WSJ, the company’s valuation could be as high as $10 billion. The process is in its early stages, it is not yet known if the deal will go through.

The company did not comment on the information, citing the fact that Subway is a private company. The shares of the network have never been traded on stock exchanges.

Subway has been owned by the two families of its founders for more than 50 years, restaurants are being developed according to the franchise system. By 2021, Subway was the largest restaurant chain in the US with 21,000 locations. The company has 37,000 retail stores worldwide (599 franchised restaurants operate in Russia).


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Source: RB

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