At a special conference in Chernogolovka, where different types of fuel cells and their use in power plants were discussed, a filling station capable of operating at very high pressures of up to 350 atmospheres was presented. This station is based on electrolysis and the use of a special membrane.

A car refueling station with various modules, including the refueling module, an innovative hydrogen generator and hydrogen storage device, was exhibited at the event. The electrolyzer at this station is capable of producing 2 to 10 m³ of pure hydrogen per hour. This electrolyzer can be used in other fields such as the production of electronics and cooling systems in power plants as well as in automobile gas stations.

It is worth noting that this technology was first demonstrated several years ago at the NTI Competence Center in Chernogolovka. It was later developed in Germany, but a Russian electrolysis module was used. The entire new gas station was created and manufactured in Chernogolovka; This highlights the importance of local innovation.

Source: Ferra

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