Back in June, Apple introduced its new iOS 17 with the ability to synthesize its owner’s voice. It’s called “Personal Voice”.

The idea is to enable people who may be speechless to make a “voice imprint.” After recording, iPhone speaks the phrases you tell it. The quality is not the same as Siri, of course, but for autonomous procedures it is already strong.

Yes, your voice is not transmitted anywhere; all processing and creation of the generative voice model takes place on your iPhone.

Generating your voice on iPhone

To carry out the procedure:

1. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Personal Voice > Create Personal Voice.
2. Read the instructions and go to a quiet place.
3. Repeat the phrase on the screen to check the sound.
4. Next, the iPhone will step by step generate 150 random phrases. You will read them one after another. This takes about 20 minutes.

You can interrupt at any time and continue later.

5. Once you’re done, leave your phone on charge overnight to synthesize. Sometimes it took two.
6. The next day or a couple of days later you will see that the creation of votes is complete.
7. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Direct Speech > [ВКЛ.]
8. In the same section, click English > Personal Voice > Your Voice.

How to use Personal Voice

So far the procedure is very limited.

Voice can only be used in one place:

1. Triple-press the lock button on the right side of your iPhone.
2. In the window, enter an introductory phrase and name “Send”.
3. iPhone will speak the phrase in your voice and immediately delete the text.

The feature is also available on iPad and Mac.

Technology three restrictions. The request uses iPhone 12 and new ones, iPad Air (5th generation), new and iPad Pro 11 (3rd generation), as well as new ones or Mac on Apple Silicon. And for now there is only English.

And this voice cannot replace Siri.

Source: Iphones RU

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