In Russia they want to limit the powers of the police and control and supervisory authorities in relation to companies; The Ministry of Justice published the corresponding draft amendments to some articles of the Code of Administrative Offenses. Kommersant drew attention to the department’s initiative.

The Ministry of Justice has prepared amendments that limit the powers of the police in relation to companies.

In particular, the amendments propose new rules according to which only control and supervisory bodies will be able to open cases of administrative violations related to non-compliance with mandatory requirements (does not apply to the powers of prosecutors).

The authors of the project believe that the “separate powers” ​​of the police to draw up protocols and consider cases of violations “in those areas of public relations” in which representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs do not have powers should be excluded. of the Administrative Code.

The explanatory note of the document clarifies that the police may hold companies responsible in cases where a “rapid response to violations” is necessary.

According to Ivan Efremenkov, deputy executive director of Opora Rossii, the amendments may reduce administrative pressure on companies, but they are not many.

The Business Ombudsman, Boris Titov, also points out that the project affects “not all” the powers of the Ministry of the Interior.

Previously, the head of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, ordered to prohibit the police from punishing companies for violations of the competence of the control and supervisory authorities.

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Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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