The American probe OSIRIS-REx sent samples of material from the asteroid Bennu to Earth. This significant event will allow scientists to study the diversity of asteroids in the solar system. Alexander Rodin, head of MIPT’s Applied Infrared Spectroscopy Laboratory, emphasized that these samples will be valuable to the scientific community, especially compared to samples brought back from other asteroids such as Itokawa. Missions related to the study of small celestial bodies have significant application value, but they generally require less attention and resources than exploration of the Moon or Mars.

Researchers believe that the successful delivery of material samples from the Bennu asteroid to Earth will be a significant event for the scientific community. They emphasize that NASA is making every effort to ensure the successful delivery of the material. The OSIRIS-REx mission uses a standard landing design, including aerobraking and parachute-assisted landing. NASA’s approach to thoroughly preparing and testing every phase of the mission is considered important to prevent possible errors and ensure the safe return of material samples to Earth.

Source: Ferra

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