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Almost everyone who uses the Internet in Russia has repeatedly noticed feedback on “circle” websites. Many even used them – they asked for support and help on websites and online stores.

This Alive. Vividly, it seems to me, everyone knows. And we installed Jivo on a little over a month ago as a test drive.

We have been wanting to implement quick feedback from readers for a long time. There was only one thing that frightened us: there are more than five million of you per month. If even 5% ask questions regularly, the editors will “drown” in them.

Therefore, in addition to the Jivo platform, we also used the SaluteBot constructor from Sber. It allows us to build our own chatbot to solve the most popular questions. We pinned our hopes on the bot that it would take on most of the responsibility. However, allow the authors to take some time off from their work to answer common reader questions.

I share my impressions of these “connections”.

Just a little in a month

Data on statistics on the use of the bot were obtained by us in our personal account using Sber storefront technologies.

More than 4,200 people interacted with the SaluteBot bot via Jivo on Of these, 86% of users did not require the involvement of the site’s authors. Out of 561 requests, only 23 remained unanswered by the authors.

The bulk of requests came from ready-made bot dialogues on the topic of problems with iPhone (49%). In what follows I will call our authors according to the terminology adopted in Zhivo – “operators”.

Installing SaluteBot and Jivo on the site was very easy

1. Setting up the SaluteBot bot in your personal account on the Sber technology showcase. The process sounds more complicated than “Happened in reality.” You simply create chains of actions, like in computer science lessons for primary school. Everything turned out clear here.

Thanks to the bot, you can powerfully automate communication with clients and speed up subsequent work with them – for example, distribute requests across different funnels, assign responsible employees to each client, or guide them through transactions in CRM.

When creating the script for our bot, we were guided by the list of frequently asked questions from our readers, and also made this point, which allowed us to quickly contact the editors.

2. Connecting SaluteBot to your Jivo account. In the personal account of digital storefronts, it is necessary to take into account the connection between food products. Further connection occurs automatically.

A few minutes after this standard greeting, Jivo was replaced in the interaction window with the SaluteBot bot – that is, the most frequently asked questions. We checked that everything was working and made a few changes to make it easier to navigate through the pre-built menu items.

3. Implementation of Jivo with the SaluteBot bot on the site.In simple words, copy and paste the ready-made Jivo chat code onto the website page. You can do this yourself if you have full access to the company’s website, or if you encounter your “techies”.

Jivo provides ready-made solutions for major platforms, including WordPress, which we use. Having written the bot code on the website page and updated the cache, we will place the service icon on the main page of

Requests poured in instantly. On the first day, we disabled the “active conversation prompt,” a feature of Jivo that would automatically open a chat window after a few seconds of browsing on the site. After all, there are a lot of you here, and not everyone needs help or feedback.

Otherwise, we used the standard settings, except that we slightly adapted the chat window to match our flower scheme.

Replying via Jivo turned out to be convenient

I liked that the system itself monitors the order in applications. It does not happen that several people take up the same chat, or it lies idle. The feedback request is automatically sent to all operators in the network and comes to mobile applications using Push notifications.

The first operator to respond takes the conversation about himself and it disappears from the list of correspondence requests.

In the control panel directly in the Jivo application there is a thematic section for interacting with chats: Inbox, My and Archive. In the lower window, provide the following queries that can be sorted out by all our authors: just click Acceptand the chat disappeared from everyone Introduction and will go to My.

In the first section, you can quickly evaluate the questions asked and either take over the chat or win. Secondly, direct work with the appeal is already underway.

A regular chat is available here, as in any messenger. Operators have prepared phrases for quickly creating messages. This makes it a little difficult to interact with readers.

Also, for full interaction with the person on the other end of the “wire”, it is possible to attach a photo from the gallery or file. Under normal conditions, this was used, but in fact it is a useful addition – you can, for example, indicate something on a screenshot if you need to make a step-by-step guide and then skip it.

Well Archive. Everything is clear here. All open chats with clients/readers are shown here and searchable. So you can find some specific information, for example, the same guide that I did for another reader, and copy it into a new dialogue.

Overall, Jivo has proven to be a useful tool for communicating with you.

Chatbot created with SaluteBot took care of more than 80% of user requests in Jivo

We have long wanted to introduce a mechanism for quick communication with readers on the site – be it asking for support, offering news, or freely asking questions in editing. One thing stopped us: with such a large audience, we risked quickly drowning the team in incoming requests.

Connecting a bot created in the SaluteBot constructor will process more than 80% of reader requests without the help of an operator. The remaining ones were easily restored between currently active authors. As a result, the rate of missed requests did not exceed 5%.

In the future, we plan to supplement the script with bots and other ready-made answers to popular questions in order to further reduce the number of operator calls.

Jivo includes mainly two tasks: to increase the number of hits on the site, that is, to increase the number of leads and sales, and also to provide customer support, consultations or post-sales support.

If add SaluteBot script to Jivothis allows:

▪ reduce the number of requests requiring a response from managers.

▪ create a safe, closed and controlled feedback funnel

▪ automate communication with clients through automatic assignment of creation of responsible persons, transactions and funnels, cards in CRM

▪ increase the level of company satisfaction among site visitors and clients without constant time expenditure.

Without SaluteBot, we would still be sitting and raking in messages to our readers on Jivo. And with a bot on the line, it turned out to be enough to keep one or two operators. And even then they were prevented from communicating only a few times a day.

In addition, SalyutBot recently added the ability to connect artificial intelligence – GigaChat. Thanks to this international service, I gained the ability to create chatbots for a new generation of businesses that process even more applications.

If you connect GigaChat to your bot and during a conversation with a client there is no ready answer in the dialogues, the chatbot will contact you using GigaChat and will be able to continue the conversation without switching operators.

We definitely recommend testing the capabilities of the GigaChat neural network and making your bot even smarter and more efficient.

We recommend that you try it too, speed up and simplify communication

We are like the editors of I was satisfied integration of such a combo from SaluteBot and Jivo. The bot took on 4 out of 5 reader requests. And we answered the rest without any problems.

I was pleasantly surprised by the ease and reliability of setting up the bot. The process was (and looked) understandable even without any sacred technical knowledge. At the same time, there is the possibility of very fine, truly smart configuration of interactions – infrastructure for complex automation.

You can find out more about SaluteBot’s capabilities on the official website. And here you can read about what Jivo and SaluteBot can do together.

I consider the test drive successful.


Source: Iphones RU

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