The best “smart” features in gadgets are the ones that by ownership cannot be created. Problems their users.

Alas, this doesn’t apply to AirPods “optimized charging” fuchu. She constantly unnervingespecially with special needs AirPods Pro.

And so I advise you to use it if you do not want to get lost without losing at the wrong moment.

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Why calculated AirPods charging is good (in theory)

The “disposability” of AirPods is legendary. Apple has ingeniously made the world’s most popular wireless headphones almost impossible to repair.

After 2-3 years, their battery is completely tired, and the whole device will pop up, what to throw away or use for an hour and a half maximum. That is, if they continue to work at all.

Therefore, the possibility of adaptive charging of AirPods, which appeared in iOS 14, was welcomed. warm. After all, this function limits the rate of charging of the radial extension of the life of the battery built into them. So, theoretically, “pods” work for a long time.

However, many users have a feature frankly bad. Including me. And instead of extending the work, I periodically encounter a problem when it is simply impossible to charge the headphones more than once. The reason that they are loaded at night, it turns out, does not arise.

Why calculated AirPods charging is bad (in reality)

‘Cause she works the way to her want. You put the headphones on for the night, removed from the charge. And they not fully charged. Beauty.

What kind of bugs with these features I did not look. One earbud did not charge. Absolutely clean contacts, if anything. The case did not charge, but the headphones were charged.

The AirPods Pro 2 has a speaker, and at least once a week I hear an unsatisfactory “spit” from the case and see an LED – it signals that the case needs charging. Buddy, but you’ve been charged all night, what else do you need?

In short, I’m tired of this feature. Turn it off completely.

How to choose a regular AirPods charger

The instruction is suitable for any AirPods, except for the first generation. It is unlikely that you have it – all these headphones have long “died”.

1. headphones for iPhone or iPad.

2. open Settings -> Bluetooth. Click on the “i” icon against your AirPods.

3. Turn off the menu item Optimized Charging.

Choose the end option, not the end of the day. Otherwise, the feature will become active tomorrow.

For each AirPods, this feature must be turned off separately, which I forgot to do with AirPods Pro 2 and regretted it. Finally turned it off a few days ago and so far everything is finally in perfect order.

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