Ozon has decided to double the remuneration for issuing orders to the owners of “domestic” collection points (POP) and has simplified the opening requirements for standard collection points in cities and small towns.

Ozon will double the reward for placing home orders

As indicated in the Ozon message, the changes were introduced as part of plans to expand the network of collection points and accelerate their development in the regions.

What will change at the collection points in cities and small towns?

Ozon will simplify the requirements for opening standard points for members in small towns. They will be granted a six-month deferral on repairs and minimum floor area requirements will be reduced from 25 to 20 square metres. meter.

Additional support for companies will be the introduction of such points in the “safety zone”. This will speed up the preparation of the collection point for opening and expand the choice of possible locations in small towns.

What will change at “domestic” collection points?

Ozon will improve the financial conditions of new and current members of the “Home Point” rate. The remuneration to the owners of these points will increase from 2.7% to 5% of the turnover. The company notes that this is comparable to the profitability of other collection point formats.

  • Ozon’s distribution point development program in small cities and towns currently includes almost 2,000 points throughout the country. According to Denis Dyachenko, director of collaborative logistics program development at Ozon, since the beginning of 2023 the number of collection points in small cities and towns has increased by 2.5 times.
  • In total, the network of delivery points of the Ozon franchise includes almost 30 thousand points: this is more than 97% of the entire network of delivery points of the Ozon brand.


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Source: RB

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