Is Amazon Echo the best alternative to HomePod? probably yes and it’s on sale now

4th generation Amazon Echo is 25% off.

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker with great features

Isn’t it great to ask Siri to play a song loudly in the living room and have HomePod play the music you want? Unfortunately, the price of Apple’s smart speaker is 349 euros, a price that escapes the attention of many consumers in the market.

Fortunately, there are a variety of alternatives to HomePod at much cheaper prices. Alternatives like this Amazon Echo 4th generationThe smart speaker with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is now on sale with a 25% discount and a price of 89.99 euros. The original price is around 120 euros.

Amazon Echo (4th generation)

Amazon Echo 4: A small wireless speaker with great sound quality for your home

One of the key features of the 4th generation Amazon Echo lies in its excellent sound quality. play some Clear highs with dynamic mids and deep bass. A highly immersive and detailed audio experience that adapts to any environment. But there is even more; It lossless high-definition audio support.

Your virtual assistant Alexa, so it doesn’t have the integration that Siri has with Apple’s ecosystem of services, but it’s a very efficient and precise assistant. You can ask it for anything, like playing songs, checking weather information, setting alarms, or controlling home automation accessories in your home.

Additionally, Amazon Echo is compatible with all the major music streaming platforms in the industry. Apple Music, Amazon Music or Spotify.

Amazon Echo color available anthracite, white and gray blue with 89.99 euros on Amazon. A very interesting proposition for a wireless speaker that is an excellent alternative to Apple’s HomePod.

Amazon Echo (4th generation)

Amazon also allows you to optionally add a smart bulb and a base for charging the battery to the package.

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