Contemporary science fiction cinema faces two problems in every release of a film in this genre. On the one hand, the stories are fresh enough to attract the attention of a generation that is not easily wowed. The other extreme is to use digital effects and all the cutting-edge technological and visual advances as an experience that adds to the interest of the story. A combination that few achieve and on which the success of the room depends.

Creator Gareth Edwards achieves this through a script, also written by the director, that tells a universal story. This is a fight for survival. Journey in search of saving humanity from Joshua (John David Washington) takes you to unknown places in a world dominated by artificial intelligence. And also to question the reasons for the murder of a creature that looks like a girl, the key to the fate of humanity. The above, despite the careful scenarios that They show the devastation of a futuristic landscape in which the most prominent element is the Fall of man.

The feature film creates a visually outstanding setting while telling a story that is moving in its grit and sensitivity. But it does something else: it includes all sorts of references and references—both in theme and in special effects—to other great films. From dystopian animated classics to sci-fi fables. The director presents a mythology that pays homage to several seminal works of the genre and remembers its significance in the history of cinema. We tell you which ones are the main ones and which ones give Creatorher personality and beauty.

The apocalypse has arrived

The film, released in 1979 and directed by Francis Ford Coppola, is not a science fiction icon. Although this is in the way of narrating about military conflicts, as well as about the fall into hell that entails any armed confrontation.

Based on the book heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad is a metaphor-filled and visually stunning look at war. Which makes it an example of impeccable use of cinematic language. What director Gareth Edwards reproduces in his film.

From landscapes with a desolate and imposing appearance to the use of backlighting to enhance the drama of central scenes. Creator shows the evolution of the war between humans and artificial intelligence through careful allegories.

The film is interesting in exploring the significant moments of confrontation. Specifically, the reason why it occurs and its ultimate cataclysm. So the director uses, just like Francis Ford Coppola: large open and bright shots to highlight casualties in the armed struggle.


Ron Fricke’s documentary, with its anthropological and respectful exploration of different ethnic groups and cultures, is an example of how to show human differences. Creatorwhich represents our race’s ability to defeat a common enemy, draws on feature film to tell its story.

In particular, if we delve deeper into the idea of ​​what and how all people are united, this connection can be crucial in a critical situation.

But besides this, Creator, He also places an important emphasis on the environment surrounding his characters. A close look at buildings and structures, in the same spirit as in the 1992 production. Thus, it exudes the same atmosphere of timeless and varied beauty that made the film famous..

blade runner

Blade Runner Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) chases replicant Zhora through the streets of Los Angeles in a scene from Ridley Scott’s 1982 futuristic thriller Blade Runner. (Photo by Warner Bros./Archive Photos/Getty Images)

Ridley Scott’s classic is fundamental and seminal in modern science fiction.. Released in 1982, the theme of the relationship between machines and people has become an example to follow in many films and TV series. This is also for Creatorwhich even delves into a society aesthetically very similar to the one he imagined blade runner In the eighties.

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However, beyond the obvious visual references, Gareth Edwards’ film touches on the same themes as Ridley Scott’s film. From the perspective of a world in which machines and artificial intelligence take center stage, before the war with the society of the time. Little by little, Creator analyzes a possible military conflict between people and their creations. Which, as a consequence, leads to a type of suffering that demonstrates a dystopia based on inevitable final destruction. Something that Blade Runner will reveal sooner or later.


Perhaps the most powerful influence Creatoris an anime by Katsuhiro Otomo released in 1988. Anime script: tells about a world destroyed by a devastating war, and a secret weapon that turns out to be a young man.

So this has a lot in common with the story created by Gareth Edwards, in which the ultimate artifact that can destroy humanity is actually a girl. Both films explore the decisions of both their protagonists and those around them with unexpected force.

At the same time, the decisions of those who must stop them, weaken them or resist their power can have consequences. In fact, the motives of many characters Creatorso similar to Akirasince they are almost identical.

Alien alien

Steven Spielberg’s classic and his take on first contact between different species is of great importance in Creator. Much of the footage is based on relationships Joshua and a little girl who becomes the object of both destruction and salvation of the different worlds she protects.

But in fact the subtext is very similar to the 1982 film. It is a harrowing journey about great existential questions and at the same time about moral responsibility towards a defenseless being. What turns the protagonists’ journey into a close look at bioethics, the future and how we understand the world beyond known limits.

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