Good morning! We have separated the main news from the world of Science and Technology so that you know everything that happened last Tuesday (26). Just click on the links below to check out each news in its entirety.

Study 1 says the next supercontinent could wipe out nearly all mammal life on Earth. About 250 million years from now, the formation of the next supercontinent and extreme climates could end mammal life on Earth.

2. Cyberpunk 2077 goes on sale at Phantom Liberty launch. With the arrival of Phantom Liberty, Cyberpunk 2077 is available on all platforms and an expansion pack is also included.

3. Xiaomi 13T and 13T Pro have been launched and will receive up to 4 Android updates. The duo offers powerful hardware to operate in the premium mid-range and high-end markets.

4. Netflix starts buying animation from HBO Max; See what’s new. Cartoon Network classics like The Powerpuff Girls and Ben 10 will be available on the popular streaming platform.

5. Leak suggests October PS Plus will have a major horror game in 2022. Leaker billbil_kun has revealed possibly two of the three games included in October’s PS Plus Essential list; To look!

6. Jam: Spotify announced the ability to create playlists for up to 32 friends. Jam, a new Spotify tool, allows a group of people to collaborate on a playlist for, say, a party or meeting.

7. Rick and Morty gets new voices in the season 7 trailer! See dubbing. Rick and Morty’s season 7 trailer was released and the similarity of the new dubbing of the heroes surprised everyone!

8. Windows 11 22H2: Users can now download the AI ​​update from Copilot. In addition to ‘Windows ChatGPT’, users will receive more than 150 new features in the operating system; To look!

9. The basic HTML version of Gmail will be deprecated soon. Gmail’s basic HTML interface is useful for slow connections and low-performance computers.

10. 5 myths about the past that you probably believe. Many of our dreams about the past come from movies, which are not always historically and scientifically accurate.

Source: Tec Mundo

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