A China’s semiconductor industry it’s going through a bad phase a few years ago and then it slowed down a lot US government sanctionshowever, members of this market are confident not only of a rebound, but of a game changer that will put the country among the industry’s top names.

Optimism, from the current chairman of Huawei, Eric Xucommented on the situation at a press conference. “I believe that the Chinese semiconductor industry will not stand idly by, and will take strengthening and self-confidence measures (…). I believe that the Chinese semiconductor industry will be revived under these sanctions,” said the manager.

This renaissance would come as Chinese companies merged to develop design tools that would remove the country’s dependence on former foreign suppliers. Currently, this consortium will already be able to implement its manufacture. 14 nanometer (nm) chip and may even start implementing the process in 2023.

remember the fight

A Trade and political dispute between China and the USA It intensified in 2019 when the US government launched a series of sanctions against companies in the Asian country. A few companies that previously maintained links with US suppliers or manufacturers lost their rights and contracts.

The sanctions hit Huawei itself hard. second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, but fell after Android was banned and lost the international market in the infrastructure and semiconductor sector as well. The main US accusations include the links of these brands with the Chinese government and possible espionage interests.

The consortium is a first step, but it is far from certain: China has a long way to go to save the market and still needs to develop many tools to reduce the size of semiconductors and guarantee more advanced materials.

Source: Tec Mundo

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