In iOS 17, in addition to new features, a new standby mode called StandBy mode became available to users. Its meaning is that if you turn your smartphone horizontally while charging, it will turn into a kind of interactive clock that shows the time on the entire screen and animated screensavers.

But there are very few of these “by default” screensavers and they are all kind of boring.

So, having studied the App Store item in international applications, experts customized this new waiting screen, and I want to talk about the most normal, non-glitchy, and most importantly – free Mico application, which I liked for its functions and functionality.

Let’s pump up the new period of Waiting together.

How to install new screensavers on iPhone

1. Download the free Mico app from the App Store. This application offers to subscribe to the premium version for 600 rubles per month, but before that you can activate a trial period of 7 days.

There is enough time to try out all the screensaver options and choose a few of the coolest ones, and after the free period expires, you can unlock the screensavers you like by watching several advertisements in the application. Very comfortably.

2. Go to the app and select the iOS 17 tab to view additional waiting widgets available. Select the one you like and click the “Save widget” button.

3. Connect your iPhone with iOS 17 to the charger and place it horizontally. Waiting with default widgets is activated on the screen. Tap and hold your finger on the right widget, and then tap the “+” icon in the top left corner.

4. From the menu that appears, select the Mico app and tap the single widget to add it to the right side of the screen.

5. Then click on this widget and in the menu that appears, select in the first line the widget that you saved in institution 2.


6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 for the left side of the iPhone screen.

Well, that’s it, your iPhone is showing normal, interactive, colorful screensavers, not just white arrows in the background. grandma’s style.


By the way, this mode is very convenient during the day in the office so as not to miss a single notification. And with new widgets, all your colleagues will envy you and ask you to share the secret of how to do the same.

Use this knowledge when watching 🙂

Source: Iphones RU

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