The web version of iCloud has received a major interface update.

The Home screen now displays widgets instead of traditional app icons. Users can create new widgets and swap them around.

In addition, Apple has added many new features to its services. Some of them appeared only in iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma.

iCloud Mail

▪️ Attach photos and files to email messages directly in iCloud.

▪️ Easily unsend an email before it reaches the recipient.

iCloud Calendar

▪️ Monitor what email address others offer in event invitations. You can even use a custom email domain to enter Calendar and Mail accounts. Manage everything in iCloud Calendar.

iCloud Drive

▪️ This mode displays files as icons or as a list using the switch in the upper left corner.

▪️ Press Spacebar when selecting a file or photo to preview the item before opening or downloading. Quick View can also be accessed through the Settings menu.

▪️ Quickly perform actions such as renaming a file or downloading a copy of it using the settings menu.

iCloud Photos

▪️ View your memories and start showing them in full screen mode by tapping on a memory.

▪️ To view your selections in a slideshow, click “Play Slideshow” in the menu in the top right corner.


▪️ Create links to other notes by typing “>>” or using the Command + K shortcut to add links while writing a note.

▪️ Collaborate with other users on your notes folder.

▪️ Use suggested search phrases to refine your search by categories such as general notes, control preset tags, etc.


▪️ Add dates, places, flags and other marks using the data edit button.

Source: Iphones RU

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