French government approves Apple’s fix for iPhone 12 radiation emissions. The software update released by the company enables the device to comply with the country’s radio frequency limit value.

Testing of the update started on Tuesday (26). This Friday (29), the National Frequency Agency (ANFR in its French abbreviation) published a note confirming the update.

Now that the update has been approved by the country’s authorities, Apple needs to start the update distribution process. It is also possible that the package will not be released only in France, as other countries, including Brazil, have also expressed concerns about the radiation levels of the iPhone 12.

There is no information yet about when the update will be released to the general public, but since it is an urgent change, it is possible that it will not even pass the testers.

Understand the iPhone 12 radiation controversy

The confusion about excessive radiation from the iPhone 12 occurred on the same day as the launch of the iPhone 15. ANFR found that the Apple device was emitting high levels of radiofrequency radiation.

Apple immediately assured that the levels were within the permissible range and were not harmful to health. Still, the company took the French agency’s requests into consideration and promised to provide an update.

Source: Tec Mundo

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