Two weeks after the presentation of the iPhone 15 in California, United States, Apple’s new claim is coming to Colombia on Friday, September 29. The mobile device, which brings some improvements and new features compared to the previous model, is available for sale in many stores in the country as of today.


The pre-sale of the phone started on Friday, September 15 in the United States and was extended until the 22nd of the same month.. Below is its value in Claro, Movistar, Falabella and some other stores.

New features of the iPhone 15 include the switch from a Lightning-type charger to a USB-C type charger, the integration of Apple’s A17 chip into the Pro and Pro Max version, and the inclusion of updated tones such as gray and white. and silver.

iPhone 15 with 128 GB storage has price differences between different providers. Claro offers it for $4,688,960, while it can be purchased at Movistar for $4,554,929. On the other hand, it is available for $4,599,000 on Alkosto and iShop, $4,605,900 on Éxito, and $4,599,900 on Falabella. Mac Center, on the other hand, offers it at a price of $4,599,000.

The 256GB model differs more in its availability and price. At Movistar it is valued at $5,019,929, while at iShop it is priced at $5,199,000. Alkosto and Falabella offer the device for $5,139,000 and $5,139,900 respectively, while Éxito retails for $5,169,900. The same version on Mac Center costs $5,199,000.

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For those interested in more storage capacity andAvailability of 512GB iPhone 15 is even more limited. Movistar offers it for $6,149,929 and iShop offers it for $6,349,000. On the other hand, the value in Mac Center is $6,299,000.

As for the 128 GB model, Claro offers it for $5,288,960, while Movistar offers it for $5,117,929, while Alkosto and Falabella offer it While it’s similarly priced at $5,139,000 and $5,139,900 respectively, it can be purchased on the iShop for $5,199,000, the same as the Mac Center.

Claro and Éxito do not have product stock in the 256 GB segment. Movistar tops the price list with $6,242,929, followed by iShop with $5,769,000 and Mac Center with $5,749,000. On the other hand, Alkosto and Falabella offer the device at a price of $5,699,000 and $5,709,900 respectively.

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While the 512 GB model of the iPhone 15 Plus is offered for sale at Movistar for $ 6,709,929, its value rises to $ 6,899,000 at Mac Center.

While Claro sets a price of $5,829,960 for the 128 GB model, Movistar offers it at $5,679,929. On the other hand, Alkosto’s price is slightly lower at $5,673,000, while Éxito’s price is $5,739,900. Falabella and iShop also join at prices of $5,699,990.00 and $5,799,000 respectively.
This last value is also handled by Mac Center.

As for the 256GB iPhone 15 Pro, the Claro lists it at $6,364,960, while the Movistar lists it at $6,242,929. Alkosto and Falabella sell for $6,269,000 and $6,269,900 respectively. Éxito is priced at $6,305,900 and finally iShop is offering it for $6,339,000. Mac Center offers it for $6,299,000.

For those who want more storage, the 512 GB model is available at Movistar for $7,367,929, Alkosto and Falabella for $7,399,000 and $7,399,900 respectively, and at iShop for $7,499,000. just like Mac Center. This model is not available on Claro and Éxito.

Finally, the 1 TB model with the highest capacity was offered for sale at Movistar for 8 million 492 thousand 929 dollars and at Mac Center for 8 million 599 thousand dollars.

For those interested in the 1 TB model, Movistar offers the model for $9,054,929 and Alkosto offers it for $9,099,000. It is also in iShop’s inventory, like Mac Center, at a price of $9,199,000.

If interest falls on the 256 GB model, Falabella offers the most competitive price at $6,349,900.00. In comparison, the Claro is priced at $6,898,960, while the Movistar is priced at $6,804,929. Alkosto and iShop list their prices at $6,799,000 and $6,899,000 respectively, while Éxito lists it at $6,873,900 and Mac Center at $6,899,000.

The 512 GB model is sold for $ 8,490,000 on iShop. On the other hand, Movistar and Alkosto offer similar prices of $7,929,929 and $7,969,000 respectively, and the Falabella matches Alkosto’s price at $7,969,900. Mac Center, on the other hand, offers it at a price of $7,999,000.

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*This content was prepared based on information received from stores with the help of artificial intelligence and was reviewed by a journalist and editor.

Source: Exame

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