The government’s Legislative Activities Committee has supported the idea of ​​including a provision for compensation to victims in the bill on data leak penalties. This type of compensation can help companies reduce their penalties.

The bill on fines for personal data leaks was developed by parliamentarians and provides for fines of up to 3% of annual income, but not exceeding 500 million rubles.

The Ministry of Digital Development has suggested adding a provision for compensation to victims, but some dissenters believe this could lead to consumer rights violations.

The government commission also noted the need to clarify the size of fines and emphasized the importance of taking into account the nature of the data and the degree of harm caused to the public. The state will support the project if it is finalized, taking into account the comments, and then sent to the State Duma for consideration.

Under the proposed compensation policy, companies are required to notify users about the leak and give them the opportunity to apply for compensation. Users will be able to accept or reject the offered amount, and if more than 80% agree, the company will be obliged to pay this amount. However, experts doubt serious compensation based on practices and court decisions in other countries.

Source: Ferra

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