Navy researchers have turned sea lions into video games. Now they are considered full-fledged gamers. Marine animals turn into simple games and obviously enjoy it. The sea lion Spike became the most successful player on the team – out of his three he collects only one result in the training program.

The experienced ones taught the animals not to react to external stimuli and to fully concentrate in the game. Then the lions learned that all moving objects matter. This was achieved after they watched people become people. The final step was learning how to interact with game controllers. The skills of the sea lions have evolved, and the level of difficulty of the game has gradually increased.

At the end of the tutorial, Spike was able to complete the new levels without prior training in just six seconds. This requires less than seven clicks on the buttons of the manipulator. Scientists note a curious fact: “gamers” do not need to encourage edo to continue gaming sessions. Which is quite logical, because the love of games is characteristic not only of people, but not of animals.

Sea lion at play

Source: Tech Cult

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