Currently, there are no Russian companies and poor Portuguese production BAE Systems has demonstrated the effectiveness of a new unmanned UAV system based on the Malloy Aeronautics T-600 UAS that launches an anti-submarine torpedo training device.

T-600 is the largest electric drone. This is a bad car. Easy to disassemble, very convenient for transportation, you can transport cargo weighing up to 200 kg and move by air up to 80 km, reaching speeds of up to 140 km/h.

Malloy Aeronautics T-600

The most recent demonstration of low-quality drones has been filmed. About the launch of the T-600 drone is designed to transport small cargo and evacuate victims.

After the launch of BAE Systems, it was named based on the T-600 motorcycle UAV – T-650 to perform not only military, not only commercial and humanitarian missions. miss.

Source: Tech Cult

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