Manzana He worked for many years on a search engine to counter Google.and we could soon see it integrated into some of its operating systems, as revealed by Mark Gurman of Bloombergin their latest newsletter.

The journalist, in particular, claims that the company A search engine compatible with iOS and macOS is ready, internally called “Pegasus”.which is also the name of the project led by John Giannandrea, a former Google executive and currently the head of artificial intelligence at Apple.

“Pegasus”, oddly enough, It is already used in some Apple services., like Spotlight or Siri, although somewhat more limited than what the company’s search engine is capable of. In fact, Gurman reports that Apple is also planning to integrate a generative AI model into its search engine to be able to suggest answers in a more accurate manner.

Apple has enough tools to launch its own search engine

Additionally, Cupertino has been taking strategic steps for months to further improve its search engine and create a more mature alternative to Google. The company, for example, introduced Apple Business Connect a few months ago. It’s a service where companies and businesses can enter their business details to have them appear on Apple Maps. This, in turn, allows Apple obtain a business database with relevant informationsuch as location, opening hours, contact phone number, etc.

Apple, on the other hand, in 2019 acquired Laserlike, a startup founded by former Google employees and focused on… content search using machine learning which can be especially useful for improving a company’s search engine.

Meanwhile, yes, Apple is realistic. The company is essentially clear that Google’s search engine is much more powerful than any. That’s why they include it in their services and operating systems by default, Eddie Cue, head of Apple’s services division, said in an antitrust lawsuit against Google.

Despite this, Apple’s efforts to develop a search engine that will serve as an alternative to Google seem to indicate that the Cupertino company may soon introduce a search engine compatible with its services and applications, although an approximate launch date is not yet known.

Source: Hiper Textual

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