VK announced the appointments at the company’s management: the team was joined by Vice President of Advertising Technologies Petr Popov and Vice President and Director of Information Security Anton Karpov. They both worked at Yandex for more than 10 years before moving to VK.

VK introduced two new vice presidents; both previously worked at Yandex

As indicated in the holding company’s statement, Popov will be responsible for the development of the advertising area, which is one of VK’s key businesses. It will improve the efficiency of the company’s advertising platforms and strengthen marketing technologies that solve media and performance problems for advertisers.

Anton Karpov will oversee the information security department. The team under his leadership will continue to develop the VK Protect program to protect users and their data, and will also monitor the security of VK products.

Anton Karpov

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Before moving to VK, Petr Popov worked for more than 10 years at Yandex, where he was involved in the development of search and advertising technologies. Karpov, like Popov, moved from Yandex, where for more than 10 years he held the position of head of the security service and was responsible for the physical, economic and information security of the company.

Alexey Volkov, who previously held the position of vice president and chief information security officer at VK, decided to leave the holding company and pursue a career outside of VK, the report noted.


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