mexican actress Cecilia Priego, known for her TV series ‘La Reina del Sur’, passed away last Saturday, September 30, at the age of 36.

The news was announced by her father, Mr. Freddy Persa, in an emotional message published on social networks, underlining the strength with which Cecilia Priego faced the diagnosis. Cervical cancer.

“I don’t remember the day and time, but Since this battle of your illness began, I started writing, always thanking God for your downs and ups.. You have always shown your strength, your faith, your desire to live as a tireless warrior and twice overcame this disease, always enjoying life,” Priego’s father wrote along with a collage of various photos of the actress.

Despite the pain, Cecilia’s father said that he was grateful that they could live together and, above all, be calm, because he was sure that his daughter was now in a better place, away from pain: “Today my flock is in a very good mood. “One of my sheep is leaving me. I’m sure God will take him with him. “Thank you Lord for loaning it to me, I’m giving it back to you because I’m sure it will be in a better place,” he added.

Mr. Persa also noted the talent the actor had and bid him farewell, promising that one day they would meet again and continue to enjoy their work: “Today the curtain on earth closes for youbut we are confident that your presence and legacy will go far beyond, and that you will continue in heaven your project of creating and arranging theater in heaven for your grandparents, uncles, cousins, and friends who are no longer with us. “Forever my daughter, Cecilia Priego,” she concluded.

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Originally from Tabasco, Cecilia studied for a bachelor’s degree in Management and Promotion of Culture, but at the end of her professional preparation, she decided to follow her dreams and In 2007, he moved to Mexico City to find a place for himself in the acting world..

He studied acting at the Luis Felipe Tovar school and developed most of his career in theatre. TV Aztec Prominent among them: ‘Pasión morena’, ‘Pobre diabla’, ‘Orfanas’, ‘Por siempre tuya Acapulco’ and the Telemundo series ‘La Reina del Sur’.

Prego faced cancer for the first time in 2021. She had a hysterectomy (surgery to remove the uterus) to save her life. However, according to his stories on social networks, the disease relapsed again in August this year when a second tumor was detected, for which he had to undergo chemotherapy treatment.


Source: Exame

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