Google’s Encrypted Jamboard has a 4K display with 55 pixels per module that will be running next year. Note that this same design was produced at a cost of $5,000 per copy, with a usage and support fee of $600 per year. It’s time for these term “classic” products and services, or they were dropped from the American tech giant.

The Jamboard was oriented in its design and blades, as well as its surface. The product was promoted by the popularity of Microsoft’s Surface Hub, which was not distinguished by its lower price and very attractive characteristics. Its design was based on a quad-stage Nvidia Jetson TX1 SoC, etc. It included a speaker, microphone, Wi-Fi module and a built-in HD camera.

The device has a significant set of USB and HDMI ports and can be installed on a mobile stand, which is further expandable. The moment is over, so let’s get to work right away. It’s all about the Jamboard, not the mobile phone.

Google has not disclosed this information here, so after 30 cents 202 4 will no longer support Jamboards. The Good Corporation stated that this is how they “work” with educational institutions to ensure their sustainability. Published months provide instructions for storing and forwarding data. Those who have a need to use digital whiteboards can move to third-party apps and hardware.

Source: Tech Cult

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