it turns out the bees are the fish, and California is, as always, the purveyor of delightful news. An appeals court ruled this week that bees can legally be classified as fish, a ruling, though a very devious bureaucratic one, meant to help bee owners in the Golden State.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife defines bee species as “susceptible”, but so far no respiratory infection has been identified from them under the Most Exposed Species Act (ESA), which includes only “native species or subspecies of birds, mammals, fish, amphibians, reptiles or plants” – without mentioning insects.

The bee advocates at Xerces have come up with an ingenious workaround, pointing out that under the ESA Fishing and Hunting Code, most “fish” are anything that can be described as “wild fish, mollusk, crustacean, invertebrate, amphibian, roe or egg of any animal. invertebrates in content, as they do not have a backbone. In 2020, the Los Angeles District Court became an argument, but a higher court rejected this decision, after which the tireless beekeepers sued again, demanding a review of the case.

In a recent ruling by the Court of Appeal, the judiciary was “instructed to liberally interpret” the law to eliminate irradiating species to ensure its effectiveness. Certainly there are some semantic problems with the classification of invertebrates – in particular the fact that 95% of all species are ancestral – and they represent a large territory for bee protectors in the future. NO until everything went well oil.

Source: Tech Cult

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