It’s true that the variety of charging ports on phones right now isn’t overly large (unrelated to what happened when the first models were released), but there isn’t much left for everyone to use the same one. Europe. chosen usb type c and as of today this decision is official.

In this way, both devices using the operating system Android like those who do iOS, they will have to use this connection interface. Yes, the iPhone will have to look at the new standard the European Union has chosen, and obviously they will because the market is delicious enough to stay out of it. In short, it will be said goodbye to Yıldırım very soon.

When will this regulation need to be complied with?

There’s still a lot to go, but not as much as some might anticipate: autumn 2024 It will no longer be possible to sell mobile devices that do not use USB type C. In this way, a long sought-after harmony for different purposes is achieved. One of them is to minimize the annual technological waste. And another is that users do not go crazy when choosing a charger for their smartphone. While the output power will be different they will all be compatible and we will have to be careful here to take full advantage of the fast charging technologies – although there is an attempt to standardize this option, but it seems much more complex.

Cable with USB type C port


When the regulations are resolved and only the approval of the European Parliament is missing, will continue in all probabilityIt’s clear that confusion about charging adapters in Europe will be a thing of the past. Also, when it comes to the use of accessories, this will also be positive, which is also quite positive. If you are wondering if it is necessary to do this with wireless charging, the reason does not seem to be because all manufacturers use Qi technology at the moment, so there is no similar problem to be solved.

Does not only affect smartphones

It’s worth noting that this decision doesn’t just focus on phones, although they are of course the most notable. Practice all technologically recognized teams will need to take the same step. An example is consoles; laptops -they have 40 more months to adapt-; tablets; headphones; and even electronic books (where Amazon will have to work to fit everything on its Kindle). Surprisingly, smartwatches and smartbands won’t be necessary, which seems to be because it’s common to find magnetic charging in adapters.

Therefore, a seeker standardization this is a huge achievement that makes all the sense in the world and, as a result, users will definitely appreciate. Good news, no doubt.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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