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KrasGAU presents a completely diverse range of soybeans and dishes, fully adapted for the Siberian climate and authorized agricultural enterprises. Do not refer to any pots worthy of the region’s drought-freeze characteristics in the spring. 200 units were tested and recorded before creation. Card types and 180 videos are available.

Unusual climatic conditions are very important for Krasnoyar. The color and area of ​​drugs in specific regions and their use are a very serious problem for Siberian agronomists – they see the death of a large part of the plants and a significant decrease in the yield of crops that survived this period.

In the measured indicators derived at KrasGAU, the rate of germination, and thanks to this, survive spring frosts with drought still under the ground, the tops begin to only gradually change when a stable warm weather sets in, and the changes themselves show an improved rate of ripeness with good yields.

KrasGAU has developed “Siberian” varieties of soybeans and lettuce.Photo: KrasGAU

The use of these varieties, which are already at the stage of state various conditions, will make agricultural production in Siberia more predictable and efficient, and scientists are now from KrasGA And they are testing “ultrascopels” that produce crops of two races in the same country. season Russia.

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