Apple CEO Tim Cook gave an interview to Brut, in which he spoke about his attitude to the environment.

When asked what Cook personally does to protect the environment, he responded with the following.

I drive an electric car. I try to handle plastic and plastic bottles. I recycle. Everything I do, I try to do in a way that reduces my carbon footprint.

Tim Cook, head of Apple

When the interviewer asked, “What will the iPhone be like in 20 to 30 years,” Cook said it will be carbon neutral.

I think it will be carbon neutral. I think that, of course, it will be much better than now, but I would not like to tell you all our secrets in this regard. Let me just say that from an environmental point of view it will be carbon neutral.

Tim Cook, head of Apple

When asked whether it is really necessary to buy a new iPhone every year, the CEO did not give a direct answer.

I think buying a new iPhone for those who want it is great. And what we do is we let people donate their phones. We then resell this phone if it still works. And if it doesn’t work, we have ways to take it apart and get materials that can be used to make a new iPhone.

Tim Cook, head of Apple

The interview was filmed at a solar power plant and Apple data center in Denmark. [Brut]

Source: Iphones RU

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