In the nine months and five days of 2022, Google Chrome had 303 vulnerabilities for a total of 3,159 cumulative security issues. The flaws took the scanner to the top. most vulnerable ranking of the yearAccording to a report published Wednesday by Atlas VPN (5).

October has already started with new vulnerabilities registered in Google’s browser. CVE-2022-3318, CVE-2022-3314, CVE-2022-3311, CVE-2022-3309, and CVE-2022-3307 are the latest numbers. The report was based on a VulDB vulnerability database that ran from January 1 to October 5 of this year.

To fix the issues, Google Chrome users need to update to browser version 106.0.5249.61.

vulnerability ranking

Just behind Google Chrome is Mozilla Firefox, the most vulnerable browser of the year. Adds up to 117 weaknesses. The bronze medal was awarded to Microsoft Edge with 103, which is 61% higher than the entire 2021. There were 26 issues in Safari. Opera was the only one that was faultless throughout the year.

Atlas VPN Ranking

The report also presented the all-time total crashes since the launch of each browser. The first two are the same, adding Chrome 3,159 vulnerabilities and Firefox 2,361. The next two rows of passes are Safari reports 1,139 issues and Edge 806 has. Opera is at the bottom with 344 crashes.

Source: Tec Mundo

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